How to Be Hollywood Beautiful Without the Hollywood Price

What if you could attain youthful skin even as you mature into your advanced years without expensive surgeries, scalpels, liposuction or botox?

“‘How to be Beautiful without the Hollywood Price” is an easy to follow and very informative guide to health and beauty. The author has outlined key steps to staying beautiful and young looking. It truly starts from the inside out and this book is a must for anyone of any age!”
~ Jennifer Braff, Esthetician and Beauty Expert, Author, TV Personality

“In this wonderful book, Makayla says, until you feel beautiful on the inside, you will never be pretty enough on the outside, period! As a Los Angeles matchmaker, I see my share of women desperately trying to stop the clock with Botox, fillers, surgery, lip plumping, breast lifts, face lifts, brow lifts, eye lifts, etc. We all want to look pretty and we all want to be loved. What really needs lifting is our Spirit, our self- love, which equals self-esteem. When we love and care for ourselves we radiate beauty and light!
~ Marla Martenson, Author of Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker

“With over twenty five years in the beauty business people often ask me what my skin care secrets of looking twenty years younger than my age are. Many of the beauty steps Makayla outlines in her book are what I have been following in my life and have achieved results on both myself and my clients. As an added bonus she has included her expertise from a mind/ body perspective and how it can contribute to maturing gracefully.”
~ Sabastian Reich, Celebrity Esthetician, Owner of Sabastian Skin Care

In a world hyper-obsessed with beauty and eternal youth people will spend obscene amounts of money to achieve that at any cost. However, what if you could attain youthful skin even as you mature into your advanced years without expensive surgeries, scalpels, liposuction or botox?

Author Makayla Léone, a professional model since the age of 15, shares her behind the scenes tricks, tips and insights that have allowed her to maintain a youthful appearance years younger than she actually is.

For the first time ever, she reveals a simple common-sense approach to fitness and beauty that anyone can follow without having to spend a small fortune. Included are the exact beauty regimes she follows every day, helpful face maps and even easy-to-make home recipes for some of her favorite beauty products.

Love this book! In a world of filters and picture editing we need a real view of what to do and how to look and feel our best. This book is amazing. It’s not telling you to buy 5 different concealers and contour kits it’s telling you real world ways of looking and feeling your best. I love it!!! Thank you for guiding me on how to be myself and feel good inside and out NOT what to buy so I can look like someone else

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